Professional Services Office at “Time Center” is created to provide professional services and assistance in the highest official standard of region countries and those which are members of European Union, respecting the laws, regulations and agreements in force.

What we offer is part of an integrated and professionally qualified staff, rich in philology, linguistics, and a professional mastery of foreign languages and computer programs, supplemented with several years of experience in the relevant fields of these services.

Professional Services staff in “Time Center” offers accuracy and highest quality paper and material preparation required with the most competitive prices in the market.

We provide you bear full responsibility protecting the professional side of what we offer you.

Professional Services staff in “Time Center” keeps in its archives the materials and gives you the right to any kind of changes in worked materials up to 3 years duration.

Professional Services Office at “Time Center” provides official translations in different languages, for Media and Communication.

Subtitling of the materials is provided independent from the video and with the most quality programs in this area as PoliScript and Spot Software in needed format and European television standards.

We can export subtitles in all formats that you may need, such as (SRT, SUB, PAC, STL etc.)

We provide translations and subtitling of the different official languages of the European Union and other countries of the globe such as:

English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Turkish in Albanian language, for Documentaries, Cartoons, Movies, TV Serials, Soap Operas, etc.

Professional Services in “Time Center” provides and guarantees the authenticity and originality of the material maintaining the true meaning, without changing the basic form and content of the translated material. In the case of translations for various Media, the Institution is equipped with a highly qualified staff with many years of experience in this field with collaborations with the most prestigious Medias in the country and the most prestigious foreign Medias.